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Rising Seniors


of 2022

What do I have to do?

Is this free and what do I get?

Do I bring anyone to the shoot?

 Yes, please make sure you bring a parent or guardian the day of your shoot! Like I said this will be a fun filled day and we don't want them to miss out either!

Have any other questions?


 Hey gorgeous! I'm Kaitlin Hopkins, a senior photographer in Knoxville. Can you believe that your senior year is just right around the corner!! Ahh! This coming year is going to be one that you will never forget! It is not only an exciting time because you are wrapping up your high school career, but it's a time to celebrate your academic success and a big step of starting a new journey in your life! 

  I am so pumped for you that I want to feature you in my new blog post about Rising Seniors of 2022 in Knoxville! This blog will be published in May for Senior week! Each Junior model will get their own blog post that I will publish and post on instagram each day of that week. That means the spot light will be on you that day! The blog will debut you as a rising senior and share fun facts about you and what you are looking forward to the most about your senior year! This week will be all about you guys and there will be lots of giveaways on my social media post for any high schooler to try and win!  Haha, don't worry you can also try to win these giveaways, but there will be some special ones just for you ladies!

 First things first, you will need to fill out this application and receive permission from a parent or guardian. As much as I wish I could take all of you, I am only taking 6 juniors. If you are not chosen, girl, that is totally fine!  Don't be discouraged there will be more modeling opportunities!  Once you are picked to be a KGI Junior model, you will be sent a questionnaire that will tell me all the fun facts about you that I will be featuring on your blog post. You will be required to participate in our session at Little Dug Garden's on April 10. It will be a fun filled day of shooting and getting to know other Juniors from other schools! I will be sending you my style guide to give you all the tips and tricks for picking out your outfit! You will only need one outfit and I am here to help you decide! I love shopping and clothes, so this is definitely one of my favorite parts! You will get to see a preview of your blog before it is published! The biggest thing I ask is for you to share your photos and tag @Kaitlingraceimages with the hashtag #senior2022! Pretty simple right??

 Yes, it's completely free! This is a gift from me to you on becoming a senior! Told y'all, I want to celebrate and spoil you for all your hard work! You will receive 10 digital high resolution photos in a gallery from your session and you will have the option to purchase prints. You will be able to easily download all the photos straight to your phone through the gallery, then share away! Don't forget that tag @Kaitlingraceimages and hashtag #senior2022 when you post! There will also be incentives and rewards! Who doesn't love prizes?!? You can actually receive a prize right now!!! If you refer 2 other Junior ladies to fill out this application you receive a $5 gift card to Chickfila...YUM! Just make sure your friends put your name down in the refer box in the application! The biggest prize you can receive is a $100 gift card to your favorite clothing store! How do you win this??? When your blog is published and I post it on instagram, it will be your job to help me get it out there for your peers to view. Whoever can get the most likes and views on their post will win the $100 gift card! This will all be in your control based on how much you can share and get others to share! 

Please don't hesitate to email me at I will be contacting you by March 30 if you are chosen for this opportunity! can't wait to get to know you and celebrate you!


Kaitlin Hopkins

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