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Senior Session with Lily | Class of 2023 | Knoxville, TN | Kaitlin Grace Images

She's got style, she's got grace, she's a senior at Karns High School and also a member of the KGI Model Team! I had to start this blog off with a Miss USA intro because Lily seriously reminded me of a pageant queen in one of her outfit choices and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

To start off Lily's session we went to downtown Knoxville, but not your usual Old City, garage rooftop, or Gay Street location. We visited the beautiful Church Street Methodist Church and let me just say wow, the architecture of this place is stunning! It was exactly the look that Lily was going for and y'all she crushed it!

Once we left the church we headed to one of my favorite venues Maple Grove Estate! There are so many reasons that I love this venue for senior sessions, but y'all the family that owns it is absolutely precious! They put so much hard work and love into this venue to make it absolutely magical. When thinking about locations for your senior session, you want to think of spots that have great lighting, long linear lines, and unique spots that stand out.

In the evening, Maple Grove Estate takes my breath away with how perfect the sunset lighting is. If you have read past blogs I am sure you have seen other sessions where the lighting at this venue never disappoints, I can always guarantee on an angelic glow shining off the side of my seniors hair. It is so magical in their photos and are always some of mine and my senior's favorites.

For long linear lines, finding spots like walkways, tree-lines or in Maple Grove Estates case long narrow driveways, create the perfect eye appeal in photos. Whenever I am discussing venues with seniors at their planning consults I always show them the drive way photos first to show off this venue. It is my favorite of all favorites! In the fall it is complimented with beautiful fall colors that really make your photos pop! You've got to scroll down and see this drive way for yourself! I bet it will swayed you into choosing this venue as one of your locations!

The next thing about Maple Grove Estate, is the iconic tree swing. This swing gives all the Bridgeton feels in your session. It's a cute and fun way to add movement and candid moments to your session. It is placed perfectly on the venue where you can, again, get that perfect sunset glow right behind you while swinging. Lily's long beautiful red dressed looked absolutely stunning on this iconic tree swing, which I am so excited to start talking to you guys about this red dress soooo...let's move on to it!

When we arrived and Maple Grove Estate Lily went in to change her clothes (Something to consider when deciding on renting a venue, private place to go in and change outfits.) and when she walked out of the house my jaw dropped. Red is Lily's color and it looked amazing! I immediately had her give me some twirls to show off this dress and it fit the vibes perfectly at this classic venue.

While taking photos and walking around Lily's mom and I started talking about the dress and she told me something that I don't know why I never thought of! She was telling me that they got a deal on this "prom dress" and I am all for formal dresses for senior photos, but I also know they can be kinda expensive for just a photoshoot. They were telling me that they searched for this perfect "prom dress" in the off season, so like during summer or fall is the best time to find these deals. I thought to myself this is great for seniors that have their sessions in the fall and want that dramatic formal look in their photos, but also want it to be affordable! So thank you guys for sharing that insight! I might even have to check out the sales and see if I can find some formal dresses to add to the client closet! I mean who doesn't love a big flowy dramatic gown for their session, it screams princess and pageant queen!

We ended Lily's session at Melton Hill Lake Park for our sunset look. Again, Lily puts on another stunning dress that is a deep royal blue with her country cowboy boots! AHH 😍 Lily's colors are definitely jewel tones, she looks gorgeous in them! We had such a fun time walking around the park and enjoying the warm tones of the sunset.

I could go on and on about Lily's session! She did amazing planning out all her outfits and choosing her locations. I am so honored that I got to help her celebrate this huge moment and I am even more pumped because since she is one of my models I just get to continue to take her photos through out her senior year! I am so proud of you, Lily, and I am so excited for you to be attending my alma mater, Tennessee Tech, this fall!

Thank you to these two talented ladies!

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